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We work at heights

Comandos Sanity is a company specialized in heights.  Our technicians have DC-3 endorsed by the STPS and our tools are specially selected for this type of work. Much of our equipment is considered as FALL PROTECTION and is STPS, OSHA, ANSI, EN and CE Certified-

We also have IRATA AND SPRAT technicians.

What can we do...

Silo Maintenance

-pressurewashing outside surfaces of the silo

-Cleaning inside the silo

-Epoxy paint coating on the inside or outside of the silo


-Bird control

-Silo fumigation

-Removal of solidified material inside the silo by chopping and shoveling
-Removal of solidified material using WHIP-type hydraulic equipment
-Inspection and 3D scanning of the interior of the Silo 

Structure Cleaning

-Ventilation systems

-Refrigeration Systems

-Difficult access ceilings

-Difficult access walls


-production areas

Facade Maintenance



-Crack repair

-Cleaning with pressurized water

Window cleaning

-Window cleaning by rope access

-Window cleaning in offices

-Window cleaning for buildings


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